Family Size and Lifestyle play pivotal roles in shaping your kitchen choices. Tailoring your layout, finish, and style to match your family size, culinary preferences, storage needs, and lifestyle ensures a kitchen that perfectly complements your unique requirements.


Explore options that align with the financial considerations of Nepali households, delivering quality within budget constraints

Layout and Space

Craft a kitchen design that maximizes functionality and provides abundant space, ensuring a seamless and efficient culinary experience.

Architect the Layout

In a typical Nepali kitchen, where cooking is a busy affair, we bring together the right mix of 5-Z and 3-C principles. This ensures that every kitchen is both efficient and designed for your comfort.

Types of Materials

Nepali kitchens endure a tremendous amount of wear and tear due to the unique cooking and prepping style. Hence require materials that are heat stain, moisture resistant, durable and easy on to clean and maintenance

Types of Cabinets

Nepali kitchens are all about storage, storage and more storage. Hence an ideal kitchen for an Nepali home imust have a combination of tall, wall and base storage units that are weight bearing and have a place for everything.

Choose organisers and accessories.

Nepali kitchens need a place for everything. A careful selection of storage organizers and accessories makes it easy to keep essential appliances, cookware, groceries, spices and the likes, organized and handy

Cargotech with Inlets
Corner Organizers
Cutlery Organizers
Drawer Organizsers
Midway Organizers
Sink Organizers
Storage Organizers
Other Utility Organizers

Choose the shutter finish

Nepali kitchens are all about extensive heat cooking, greasy surfaces, chopping and cleaning.It is therefore important to choose finishes and colours that best suit your cooking style and lifestyle

Types of Handles

Cabinets become functional only after they have been fitted with handles. Choose from a fine selection of handles that range from simple to ornate and from glossy metal to matte finish.

View the kitchen

Once you have all the important aspects of the kitchen in place, it’s a good time to see your new kitchen in a 3 dimensional view. It helps you visualize your kitchen better and make changes if any in a much more real way.

Choose Appliances

An Nepali kitchen is all about form and function perfectly integrating to make life easier. Must have appliances for Nepali kitchens are - chimney oven, microwaves, water purifier, dishwasher and the likes

Kitchen Hobs
Kitchen Chimney
Water Purifier
Built In Oven